We are very lucky to have chosen a wedding venue well outside of Toronto proper, as the leaders of the world will be descending upon the city on the day of our wedding. There will be 30 motorcades making their way from Pearson International Airport to both the downtown core and northbound to Huntsville.

Mere mortals would bury their heads in their hands and weep. You, however, fear nothing. Why? Because you are our friends and family. And because you can read. As it turns out, any and all planned delays will be in opposite directions of travel from those leading to our wedding, so fear not, but be prepared.

See for yourselves HERE

On a good day, Toronto traffic sucks, so just get there as early as you please.  There’s lots of stuff to do if you get there early, like take a walk in the beautiful forest, check out our wedding slide show or marvel at the massive solar farm.

We recommend avoiding the 400 HWY and taking alternate routes – but checking with local traffic tracking sources should be most helpful the day of :o)

Our ceremony will start at 6:30pm – SEE YA THERE! :o)


(help eachother out and save some gas/money/carbon!)

  • Do you have extra space in your car?
  • Are you hoping to catch a ride with someone driving from downtown or the hotel you’re staying at?
  • Do you want to split the cost of renting a car?

If you need to coordinate travel plans with other people this may be a great forum for doing so. Just leave a comment below with your contact information.

4 Replies to “Transportation”

  1. Leanne says:

    I will be driving up to the wedding around 5pm on Friday with 3 spots in my car from downtown Toronto. (This means that I will be leaving in the middle of rush-hour, so there are no guarantees that I will make it on time for the ceremony… Unfortunately, our company does NOT have a work-from-home policy on that day – boo!)

    I will be able to drop people off after the wedding at Yorkdale subway stn., but I will only have 2 spots for that trip.

  2. Katalin says:

    I could potentially take people. I do not have plans as of yet to stay over but I can drive people up ( 2 spots).


  3. Blair says:

    EXAMPLE: Hi, It’s Blair, and if I weren’t the Groom, I’d have 3 seats in my car and I’d be leaving from Mississauga for the Wedding at 5:00pm sharp (taking the 407, ’cause let’s face it, even in normal, non-G20 traffic, it’s the only way to guarantee I’ll get anywhere on time).

    1. Blair says:

      EXAMPLE RESPONSE: That’s great! If I weren’t also the groom, as well as the person driving the car, I’ll grab a ride with you!


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