Wish Registry

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is how tradition connects us with each other, our families, our descendants and the multitude of generations that have gone before us – thousands of years of humanity leading us to this most auspicious of days, where a new family begins.

It’s a powerful and incredible thought, isn’t it?

Another beautiful aspect of that tradition is how the community and family gather together, bringing with them intentions for a long and prosperous life, and resources to help the new couple begin their journey. It’s a truly wonderful gift that gives the family the freedom to create and shape their lives, so they can grow and, in turn, share that gift.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

We are truly fortunate to count each of you as an important member of our family, both blood and chosen, and we are honoured by your presence both at our celebration and in our lives. These celebrations forge a bond with our community and kindred that last a lifetime.

To bestow gifts upon the bride and groom is an incredibly generous act, one we do not expect but are truly grateful for should you wish to. We are very fortunate to be without want, and look forward to the future with great hope and promise.

As such, as we continue to plan towards the purchase of a home, we find ourselves with of many of the possessions that a traditional couple would not have as they begin their new lives, negating the need for “traditional” wedding gifts. As such, we have decided against registering our needs at a retailer for our guests to purchase, since we already have everything we need – save a home.

We have decided to register with you, our family and friends…

Our wishes, hopes & dreams:


a foundation upon which we can build our new lives;


in whom we will instill our love, values, knowledge and wisdom;


to share our passions with everyone, shaping a better world for the future & our children;


to express our sensitive & creative selves through, music, art, culture, healing and generosity.

Contributions toward our life goals will be gladly accepted in any form you choose, with our deepest thanks.