~~ Ultrasound part deux~~

Testing… testing 1-2-3…


Hemoglobin, Glucose & Ultrasound #2

So today I had to go in for a Gestational Diabetes glucose test and an ultrasound because at my last midwife appointment my fundal measurement was a bit large for her gestation… which could likely mean nothing but better to err on the side of caution.

Now admittedly on Tuesday this had me worried at first — I was thinking what’s wrong??  What does this all mean??  Totally insecure and head spinning a bit as I left the office… It’s amazing what those pregnancy hormones can do.  I read a bit online (Baby Centre to the rescue) to remind myself that likely it means I have a big happy healthy baby, but like she said to me and I reminded myself to err on the side of caution it’s best to check things out before any of the potential problems arise.

At that appointment I also had to do my hemoglobin test (which involves a blood sample being tested for anemia).  The student midwife (Julia) tried to get the sample from my left arm and was unsuccessful two times (which usually never happens!!)… she felt bad — but I am not needle shy so I was fine with it (plus her pokes didn’t leave bruises!!).  Now Devi (our primary midwife) tried the right arm and the same problem happened — no blood!!  She tried to “find” the vein and I knew with the prodding there was definitely going to be a mark… indeed today there is a bruise!  She ended up going for a superficial vein in my hand which was a success (but also bruised)… my goodness!!!

It was a good thing I was going for a massage after that appointment so I was able to relax and relieve the tension mounting in my shoulders!

On a positive note I got my results today for the hemoglobin test and it’s GREAT!!  With all the energy I have it’s not a surprise that my Iron levels were high (127) and the midwife is very happy about that 🙂

On to the Glucose Test…  It’s a one hour test that involves drinking a glucose drink, sitting for an hour and having a blood sample drawn.  It’s pretty easy, and it is gross… I don’t care what anyone says that orange flavoured drink is yucky, leaves a weird taste in your mouth (probably from the food colouring) and made me feel hyper for 15mins, then nothing as I read my book in the waiting room, then 10mins before the hour I almost fell asleep — total sugar crash!!!  The blood draw this time was easy and only took one go (thanks Devi!).  Will get results by Monday.

Blair picked me up from the test and we went out for lunch — Magic Oven Pizza (YUM!) — then headed downtown for our ultrasound.

We waited for almost 40mins (which is unusual) and finally I asked how long it was going to be as we had only paid for an hours parking… the receptionist was very apologetic as she realized she mis-filed our paper work and that is why we hadn’t been called… she promised us some free photos and that we’d be taken in right away.  So we went in with a male technician who was although nice not very accommodating to our being late and promised photos… he just said this is to check on the well being of the baby and that’s it — no photos 🙁


** April 4th UPDATE **

Everything is fine 🙂 Glucose is normal, Ultrasound results show babyBean’s blood pressure, cord pulse, amniotic fluids, placenta are all normal, she’s head down which is great and  just measuring a bit on the big side size wise which is absolutely fine 🙂


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