The Midwife Mission!

Before I even thought about being pregnant I knew when the day came I wanted to work with Midwives, and if possible I wanted to have my baby at home.

Many of my family members, friends and clients have worked with Midwives and always spoke so wonderfully about their experiences, both at home and in the hospital.

For me the idea of informed decision making, a choice of birthplace & someone providing care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first six weeks following birth is very comforting… and Blair wholeheartedly agreed 🙂

Knowing that Midwives in Ontario are in high demand I was sure to call my local chapter (Peel) right away (3days after I found out I was pregnant on October 11) … little did I know this would be the beginning of a Midwife Mission!!!

After giving the receptionist all my details, she informed me she would check the schedule and call me back within 2weeks… she also told me if I didn’t hear back I should call them… And 2weeks later after I didn’t hear anything, I did!!

I should also mention that in the meantime – in fact a few days after my call to the midwives and a week after I found out I was pregnant I did see my GP to get confirmation via blood test and start the process of my prenatal health care.  My Doctor was well aware that I planned on having midwives and a home birth and she was very supportive and informative about what I could do, as well told me that once I found a caregiver she would forward all my test results to them.

Back to calling the Peel midwives… So at this point I was approximately 8weeks pregnant, and much to my surprise I was told “there was not a midwife available for me at this time and I was being put on a waiting list, when a space opened up I would be contacted.”  She also recommended calling other locations close by (Halton) and see if they had space… So I did.

Once again after giving all my details to the receptionist, she let me know she would call me back in 1week and let me know if they could find a spot for me.

Nail biting and pacing ensued!!!

I mean I didn’t think it would be so difficult to get a midwife – especially since I was planning a HOME BIRTH!!!  This was my only option – Midwife or bust!

So around the same time I had called the Halton offices I also commented on my pregnancy announcement on facebook saying I was on a waiting list… and I thought… HEY!… I KNOW A MIDWIFE…. MAYBE I SHOULD GIVE HER A CALL!!

Before I could there was a message in my in box… it simply read:

“Hey doll!
I’m so excited for you!
Call me. I’ll tell you how to get a midwife!!!”

I immediately felt better and that my dreams were not shattered yet!  She was great at explaining the ins and outs and after none of the Midwife Clinics she recommended would take me on (as I was “out of the catchment area”)… I decided finally to call her clinic – THE MIDWIVES COLLECTIVE.

I once again gave the receptionist all my info and was told they would call me within the week to let me know – I already knew in my heart that it was a done deal as my friend (Devi Kreiger) would be my midwife and that gave me a sense of calm – AND SAVED MY FINGER NAILS!!! 🙂

Sure enough within 5days my call was returned and I was accepted!  Oddly enough this was the same day the Halton offices called to let me know “there was not a midwife available for me at this time and I was being put on a waiting list, when a space opened up I would be contacted.”  With a big smile on my face I said “Oh that’s okay I just got a call from the downtown collective and I was accepted there so no need to put me on the waiting list – I’m taken care of!”

4 words that never felt so good to say!  I’M TAKEN CARE OF!! Just beautiful and wonderful and magical 🙂  And sooo special that it is by someone who I have known for over 8 years, have watched over the years blossom into a midwife with hours of  hard work and sacrifice, a person I respect, and most importantly trust wholheartedly!

I feel very blessed to know such incredible women… and lucky that I get to meet even more.  I had my first appointment with the Midwives Collective promptly scheduled on November 8th (one month to the day I found out I was pregnant via home pregnancy test) and we got to meet our “back-up Midwife” Robynn… Blair came with and is going to try and come to as many appointments as possible.  She is lovely and we are excited to work with her and Devi!

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