“1st Trimester”

Symptomatic Roller-coaster!

Well as I am now well into my first trimester, I feel it is time I reflect on the various symptoms I have and am experiencing.

Each woman has their own experience of pregnancy, from first to third trimester (and beyond) it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll have to deal with… as with most aspects of life… there are many possibilities!

Researching online and reading various prenatal books one could get quite overwhelmed with all the possible symptoms (some worse then others) and worry about having them.  Thankfully I did this minimally up until now and am reading as things come up rather then all of them – I can do that later when I’m not in the middle of it!

I found this illustration and it about summed it up for me!  I’ve been feeling hung over for weeks now… headachy, nauseous and worse, smells & sounds intensified and all without a night of debauchery to blame for it!!

I’m grateful it’s not worse and I’m already 2/3 of the way through to the 2nd trimester when this should all taper off!!

Some women are unlucky enough to have these symptoms through out their entire 9months… Bless their hearts for being able to!

The other symptoms include; tender breasts (Youch!), constant peeing!!, fatigue (hello nap time!), super-hero strength sense of smell (PEE EW), and a few other things I won’t share here 😉

Here’s hoping in a few weeks, as I shift into the 2nd trimester, my energy will return and relief from the nausea will occur!





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