Sharing the News & Giving Thanks!

With our great news making us giddy we started to think about the question that all couples will consider…


The reason being a pregnancy is very delicate in the first 12weeks and miscarriage is more likely before 12 weeks then after.

While we understand and support those who choose to wait… we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!!  And we figured if we did miscarry we would tell our family and friends, so why not tell them we’re expecting so they could support us throughout the whole experience.  We did choose to just tell our close family and friends first and then once they all knew we would tell the rest of our community.


Our weekend was action packed with feasting for Thanksgiving – what a perfect way to share our news!  We wanted to tell people face to face as much as possible as the immediate reaction to sharing such news would most definitely lead to lots of hugs and well wishes 🙂  Some friends & family were called on the phone as we weren’t going to see them over the weekend – and happy laughs, giggles, and hearty “Congratulations” were spread around – all good energy for the “Little Bean” growing inside of me!!

We first headed to Montana’s for the 2nd Annual Heritage Harvest Feast! Good friends, great food and gorgeous day!  It was very fun to spring the news on a few of our friends who were also there…  good practice for the big drops on Blair’s family the following day!

After watching the sunset and snuggling up by the fire for a bit we headed to Kingston for the night and rest of the weekend.

It was lots of fun telling the parents & brothers – who were over the moon happy!! 🙂  There were many extended Thomson family members visiting for the celebration of the season as well as Clara’s (Ed’s Mom) 85th Birthday and Dorothy & Richard’s (Ed’s Brother and Sister-in-Law) 35th Wedding Anniversary.  As we didn’t know many of these folks and felt there was already enough to celebrate we choose to keep it to the immediate family… and had to wait until everyone else left… it was SO HARD but we did it! 🙂

What a FEAST!!

question that all couples will consider.

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