Ho, Ho, Ho & Happy New Year!

After an uncharacteristically slow month at work and a few new symptoms effecting me – low back discomfort, headaches, swelling & the beginnings of what I think may be carpal tunnel – I was very happy for the lull at work and looking forward to a relaxing holiday!

I started seeing the Osteopath at the clinic at the beginning of December to help with the low back/sacrum – which was going out of alignment on the right side since our honeymoon… it helped immensely and I plan to continue monthly treatments with her to manage and maintain issues as they come up.

The swelling although at this point minor – and a common symptom of pregnancy – was a bit early – so I thought!  I think I need to do some research on edema in pregnancy and see what I can do about reducing it… which I will address in my next blog entry!  I will also discuss with my Midwife and Naturopath in the new year.

We headed to Kingston late on the 23rd as Blair’s boss gave him the 24th off – BONUS!! – considering he gets all next week off 🙂

We really enjoyed the holiday’s this year as they were very relaxed… although we did miss a few family members that weren’t there to celebrate with us… you know who you are – and WE MISSED YOU!!!

Unfortunately my symptoms got the better of me and I ended up with a migraine that lasted from Christmas Day until the day after boxing day – and well let’s just say it sucked to have all this amazing food and family to enjoy and I had to try my best to enjoy it through the pain 🙁  I think I did an okay job – thanks to my hubby for his support – and reminding me to rest when I needed to.

We got lots of thoughtful gifts including a Spa Baby European style bath tub for our little bean… SO KEWL – thanks Uncle Dave & Auntie Steph!!

We had a day at home before I had to be back at work – seems everyone saved their last minute massages until – well the last minute!!!  I have worked the past 3 days… which was super busy and exhausting!  Thankfully there is 3 days of rest now.

We’ll be ringing in the new year just the two of us – ordering Thai food and watching movies – I get a cozy couch and loving hubby – I’m a lucky girl 🙂

This year is going to be the most amazing year with new beginnings and becoming parents – we are so excited!!


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