When we tied the knot this summer our intentions were to start trying right away for a child… and here we are 3 months later, and after being several days “late” and exhibiting symptoms of being pregnant I decided to take a pregnancy test.


Blair was in the shower and I poked the test in and he was over the moon happy!!

Then I went upstairs to ask Mom if she could help me figure out the test – which of course was positive and brought a huge smile to her face!

When Dad came down for breaky I said “Goodmorning Grampa” – and he said “Grampa?”  I pointed to the test and he gave me a hug!

It was all very exciting!!  We wanted to tell our family face to face and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we were also about to embark on our Thanksgiving weekend adventure to Montana’s Farm for the Annual feast and then to Kingston for family time.

Our first choice about this exciting adventure was upon us!!  Many people wait 12weeks/3months to tell people as the risk of miscarriage decreases subsansially after that, but we felt that this good news is hard to keep secret, and really, if forbid something happened, we would want the support of our family and friends.

Now comes the fun part….

coming up with ways to tell people 🙂

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