Belly Cast

Last night we made a memory to last a life time…

I’ve done several casts for friends over the years… usually standing or sitting on a bunch of news paper for easy clean up.  We thought being in the bath or in our case shower would make it even easier… so I figured it would be a breeze!

I learned very quickly that it was a whole other experience being casted!!

It gave me great appreciation for what goes into sitting so long and still and although in this photo my arms are down — I held them above my head the whole time to help my girls not seem so droopy 😉  Important for this immortal casting of my prego self!!

Admittedly it was a bit stressful as Blair had to work quickly (and it was his first try)… and I was uncomfortable (especially near the end)… babyBean was squirming and I was worried it would fall off… but in the end getting it off was a bit on the ouchy side as some skin & hairs got tugged in the process!!

I think in the long run we both had lots of fun though 😉


We can’t wait to decorate it!!

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