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The Ladies

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly – Proverb   "Dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live like it's heaven on earth."- William Purke

Willow Knoblauch ~ Maid of Honour

Willow is one of Alana’s oldest friends, they met thanks to mutual friend Dan Murray, and we think the world of her. She’s not only a great friend, but a wonderful mother and loving wife to adorable son Rayne & her hard-working husband Rob. Alana can always count on her for good advice, a listening ear or just a giggle when she needs a pick me up!

They’re close enough to be sisters and we’re extremely honored to have her in our wedding as Maid of Honour! Willow is a career mom at the present and enjoys playing, swimming, random art projects and other fun with Rayne (our Ring Bearer!!).

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become and still, gently allows you to grow. ~William Shakespeare.

Melissa Murray ~ Bridesmaid

Melissa (a.k.a. Mel, or as we like to call her Melificent!) grew up in Kingston with Blair and his brothers Gavin & David. An only child Mel had 3 brother like friends in the boys… and they a sister!! She and Alana became fast friends and not only share a passion for orchids and reading, but also they both share the same career as Massage Therapists.

Melissa was a beautiful bride on January 22nd, 2010 and married Alana’s long time friend Dan Murray – and Alana couldn’t be happier to have stood up for them as bridesmaid herself in their wedding!

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Nancy Kurylowicz ~ Bridesmaid

Nancy is a great friend to both of us… We originally met at the Om Festival and have enjoyed getting to know one another over the years. Alana and Nancy became close during her pregnancy with her sweet daughter Ivy (one of our Flower Fairies!).

She is a registered nurse, fantastic mother and loving wife to her hubby Marty… who were coincidentally also married at the Kortright Centre in 2007.

The Gents


Jamie Granek ~ Best Man

We’ve known Jamie longer then we’ve been together… He’s a great friend, and geek confidant to Blair. He worked along side Alana on the Om Summer Solstice Festival for a several years… and is in part responsible for us having met! It was May of 2002 when he brought Blair to Alana’s coming home from Colorado party and a spark was lit! Less then a month later it was official, and now 8 years later (as of our wedding day) we are getting married – Thanks Jamie!
Jamie is a successful entrepreneur, and an inspiration to both of us.

GENTS - Wedding Web - Gavin-2.JPG

Gavin Sutherland ~ Groomsman

Gavin is Blair’s brother, the middle of 3 boys. He lives in Toronto with his partner Jeremy & their doggy companions – Hazel & Remy. Gavin and Blair are only 17 months apart, and despite the natural rivalry that comes with such close siblings, they share the same zany sense of humour, a penchant for fine wine and stinky cheese, despite later consequences, and a flare for the dramatic. As with all three of the Sutherland boys, Gavin is a uniquely talented musician and thesbian, but he has a leg up on the other two. He’s a triple threat you see – Gavin can cut a rug with the best of them, and wherever there’s a dancefloor and a jive, everyone seems to anticipate Gavin whisking them off their feet. He makes a mean martini, enjoys long walks on the beach and… oh wait.. that’s for another website.

Blair is extremely proud to have shared so many wonderful memories with Gavin, and honoured to have him at his side on this momentous occasion.

"I'm not good at golf, I never got good. I never got a hole in one, but I did hit a guy, and that's way more satisfying. You're supposed to yell "FORE", but I was too busy mumbling "there's no way it's gonna hit 'em." - Mitch Hedberg David Sutherland ~ Groomsman

The youngest brother of Blair, David, is the first Sutherland boy to tie the knot. He lives in Kingston, Ontario with his lovely wife Stephanie and their two cats – Sammy & Mister. Being born last, David had it easy growing up from the parents, but was put through the ringer by his siblings. The family Jockstrap, David was involved in every sport he could get his mitts on – Hockey, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Skiing, Golf, and Dodgeball to name a few. He has an indellible sense of humour, an impressive encyclopedic knowledge of the Simpsons, and a posse of school chums that, despite having moved on in thier lives and careers, always seem to make time to get together and party like it’s 1999. If there’s a smile on his face, you know that everyone is having fun because his spirit is infectious. David has always been a source of joy and laughter, and even the most enjoyable celebration would only be half as fun without his energy and spirit.

The Little Ones:

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Rayne Knoblauch ~ Bearer of Rings!

Rayne is the adorable son of our good friends Willow & Rob Knoblauch. Born on April 25th, 2009, Rayne is the youngest boy in our family of friends! On our wedding day Rayne will be exactly 14 months old – we look forward to celebrating his first birthday & having him a part of our special day.

PRO - Wedding Web - Ivy.JPG

Ivy Kurylowicz ~ Flower Fairy!

Ivy is the sweet daughter of our good friends Nancy & Marty Kurylowicz. As the friendship between Nancy and Alana flourished, Ivy became a special part of our lives too! It’s been an absolute joy watching her grow into the little lady she’s becoming and we’re excited to have her lead the Flower Fairies down the isle. Ivy turns 2 on Feb 3rd, 2010 and will be almost 2 1/2 on our wedding day!

PRO - Wedding Web - Breeann.JPG

Breeann Dalglish ~ Flower Fairy!

Breeann is Alana’s cutie of a niece, daughter of her younger brother – Braydon and his partner Ingrid. She was born on September 20th, 2009, and Alana was honoured to be part of the special day as Labour Support. Breeann is the littlest of the Dalglish clan and is going to be 9 months old on our wedding day… she will be joined by her mom Ingrid down the isle as our flower ferries – and we’re so excited to have them be part of our special day!

Event Hosts:

PRO - Wedding Web - Gillian.JPG

Gillian Lewis ~ Event Manager & Keeper of the Schedule

Alana has known Gillian for 10 years. Once again thanks to mutual friend Dan Murray!! Alana spent many holiday dinners with Gillian and her brother Pat and Mum Tanya along with many other “strays” as they were lovingly referred to. Once Alana joined Blair’s family table, they still remained close friends & together they are all really part of an extended family of friends. She is a freelance stage manager working in live performance, here in Toronto and from time-to-time travels near & far. We can’t be more happy to have had her love and support throughout our entire relationship.

We are eternally grateful to have her take the role of event manager, and really our wedding day wouldn’t happen without her!


James & Heather McLean ~ Master & Mistress of Ceremony

James & Heather are by far the coolest people we know!  We all met via the Om Festival & became fast friends… A friendship which developed into a close friendship just before they got married in 2007 in the town of Guelph, which they have made their home. They are both immensely creative, generous, loving and awesome hosts… we’ve had many a “sleep-over” @ their place & James’ family cottage. They share their home with their adorable cat Channa and run a home based design & marketing studio –

We couldn’t think of a more dynamic duo to MC our special day and we look forward to the tasteful shenanigans that will ensue!

The Family Procession:

PRO - Wedding Web - OMA.JPG Erna Moraczkowski ~ Alana’s Oma (Grandmother)

We are very happy to have Alana’s Oma as part of our procession – leading the way! The only grandparent in Alana’s family, who is now a great grandmother. She was born and raised in Germany, lived through war and the great depression, and immigrated to Canada in 1952. Settling in Toronto she raised 3 daughters with her husband (the late Euguene Maximillion Moraczkowski). Currently she is a snowbird who spends winter’s in Florida and the rest of the time here in the GTA.   She makes the best potato salad in the world and has passed the recipe down through the generations – those that have tried it will testify!

We are inspired by her resilience and look forward to polkaing with her on our special day.

PRO - Wedding Web - Mom & Dad.JPG Anja & Bruce Dalglish ~ Alana’s Parents

It is traditional to have the father of the bride walk her down the isle… We’re expanding that tradition and having both of Alana’s parents walk her down! She is very close to her parents and they are an immense support to both of us.

They have opened their home and offered us a unique opportunity to save for our own house, by letting us live in their basement apartment… to which we owe them a debt of gratitude! They have been married and inspiring 38 years and are a testimony to making it work with love, passion and compromise.

Bruce is a retired computer programmer and Anja works in the field of Holistic Nutrition as a teacher and consultant. We wish to thank them for all they have contributed and undoubtedly will continue to contribute to our lives!

PRO - Wedding Web - Brayd & Ingrid.JPG Ingrid Wicklund & Braydon Dalglish ~ Alana’s Brother & Sister-in-Law

Alana’s younger brother Braydon is the proud father of daughter Breeann and partner to Ingrid. He works hard as a carpenter – framing homes in and around the GTA as well as special projects in cottage country. He will be helping to start off the procession by walking our Oma down the isle and we are happy to have him part of our special day!

Ingrid is an amazing woman and wonderful mother to Breeann. Alana was proud to be part of the special day she was born, and now excited to have both of them part of the procession. When working she is a chef in a research and development role, but currently is a stay-at-home mom. She will accompany the Flower Ferries down the isle and we couldn’t be happier.

They live close to our parents in Mississauga in their own home perfect for their little family, including their playful American bulldog – Carona.

PRO - Wedding Web - Vavo.JPG Marrianne Da Ponte ~ Blair’s Vavó (Grandmother)

Although Blair’s grandmother won’t be joining us on our special day – we know she would be there if she could be… therefore will be with us in spirit… and we wanted to honour her here. The only remaining grandparent of Blair’s family, she is a kind, loving and generous. She was born and raised in The Azores, a small group of islands off the coast of Portugal, where she met and married her husband (the late Humberto Moniz Da Ponte). They had 2 children and immigrated to Canada in the 1960’s. She is most content when she has contributed to the joy and contentment of others, especially her loved ones. She is an accomplished seamstress and crafts-person, particularly when it comes to dressmaking, knitting and crochet. Her culinary skills are legendary in the family, especially when it comes to traditional Portuguese desserts.

She is unfortunately not well enough to travel from her residence in Kingston to Toronto, and she will be sorely missed. We love her!

PRO - Wedding Web - Ana & Ed.JPG Ana Sutherland & Edward Thomson ~ Blair’s Mother & Step-Father

A cheerful, fun-loving, proud mother of 3 boys, Blair’s mother Ana is an avid gardener in the summer and curler in the winter. Ana shares these hobbies with her husband Ed. They officially tied the knot in March 2009. Ana and Ed have a wonderful country home in Harrowsmith, a rural community north of Kingston, where they are most graciously hosting a Friends and Family wedding shower BBQ for us. They have also generously made the wedding favor wine which everyone will take home as a thank-you for being part of our special day. Ana is a Financial Advisor with SunLife Financial and Ed is an Analyst for Health Canada, from which he will be retiring next year.

We appreciate their love and support – words truly cannot express our gratitude!

PRO - Wedding Web - Al & Donelda.JPG Allen Sutherland & Donelda Gartshore ~ Blair’s Father & Step-Mother

Allen and his wife Donelda have recently moved into a gorgeous new home in Kingston proper… just before they tied the knot September 2009, making their 12 year relationship “official”. It was a busy year! Now retired, Allen enjoys projects around the house, is an avid boater and golfer, and has been known to tinkle the ivories and toot his horn, musically speaking. Donelda is a music teacher at Queen’s University, as well as First Flute for the Kingston Symphony. Throughout our relationship they have been a constant support and inspiration – demonstrating what “growing old” together is all about. They are loving, generous and adventurous. We cannot thank them enough for all they contribute to our lives!