How We Met

After meeting in 2000 and falling in love in June of 2002, our lives together have been full of excitement, adventure & challenges.

We’ve been up, down and all around… and we know with each others support we can overcome anything we have or will ever face in our lives and careers.

How We Met…

It all began in 2000!  Yup that’s right we’ve known each other for over a decade!!

We have the Om Summer Solstice Festival to thank for meeting and becoming friends, and our Best Man Jamie Granek for bringing Blair to Alana’s coming home party (when she returned from Colorado) where the spark was lit!!

Initially we became friends through the online Om Festival Community when we were both dating other people and didn’t know how close we were to finding our true love (cheesy we know!)

The spark became a flame in June 2002 at the festival when Alana offered Blair a place to sleep in her tent late one night during the laborious festival set-up.

It was a friendship that very quickly blossomed into a fiery love that often erupts in passionate debate and exciting dreams for a future we are both so happy to have chosen to explore with one another.

Here is a short recap of our 7+ years together:


Returned in the spring 2002 from working in a ski resort in Colorado where she began her career as a Massage Therapist.  She needed to pass her College of Massage Therapy registration exams to practice in Ontario so she studied hard and worked odd jobs over the summer including an usher job with the Cirque du SoleilVarekai tour, until November when she preformed and passed her practical exams (finally) and began her career here in Toronto.  She worked her way through 3 clinics and 1 spa and now is the proud part owner of Sage Health & Wellness (, where she works with 9 other colleagues.  In the fall of 2009 she started Sage on Site ( – the corporate division of Sage Health & Wellness – with her business partner Kevin.  They are working at building up a clientele and expect 2010 to be a year of growth and success!!


In  2002 was managing a Radio Shack in Whitby, which was short lived (thankfully) and after he moved downtown he opened himself up to more opportunities.  He worked his way through many temp jobs – web design, clerical & office work – and then landed a sales job with a travel company – Encore Cruises (which was aquired by My Travel, which has now been merged with Thomas Cook).  He worked there for almost 3 years… transitioning into the IT department after the first year.  In the fall of 2007 he followed that passion and desire for learning all things IT (what a geek!!) and secured a job with Softchoice where he trained, traveled and became a tech sales specialist.  In December 2009 he started looking around for another job, and just before Christmas he joined the team at FlexITy Solutions, where he is thriving and being compensated well!


Have lived in 5 apartments between 2002 – 2007 when Alana started her business and moved home to spare the financial burdens of rent.  Blair then lived in 3 apartments – 2 with roommates and 1 solo (where Alana has been pretty much been living at with him since last summer).  We spend most weekends in Mississauga and are planning to live with Alana’s parents once we’re married to save money for a house of our own.

We’ve traveled together – Camping all over Ontario, Resorting in Cuba & visiting in Chicago – and separately – Alana went to Thailand last year & Blair made 2 business trips to Atlanta & Huston.  We can’t wait to make our next trip – THE HONEYMOON!!!