Thailand Adventure – Feb/Mar 2009

Well after a few hiccups the blog is up and running (thanks again Blair)  I have been keeping a daily log – and taking some videos that I will post up eventually – just have an hour before class and a half hour at lunch time right now to Blog as the guesthouse I am staying at is very basic (quiet and a 10min walk from school) and I don’t even have a plug to charge my laptop so I get 2 hours of battery life to type in the evenings and the time at school will be for chatting and posting – so if you have SKYPE and wanna chat look me up :o)

Feel free to comment – in fact I’m counting on some good home vibes from my peeps!  I miss you all… and although this place is so beautiful I wish I could teleport you all here and share these adventures with you in person… this blog will have to do :o)

With Much Love