“2nd Trimester”

With a new year comes reflections of the past and predictions of the future…  AND new symptoms on the prego roller-coaster!

My latest and greatest is SWELLING!!

So with ankles disappearing and a general bloated feeling coming over my body… I’m thinking – HEY!  Isn’t this supposed to come later on!!??

Apparently not – 75% of women experience swelling at some point during their pregnancy – welcome to the norm 🙂

Aside from the above I’ve also got a nasty case of carpal tunnel syndrome – a common side effect of pregnancy that in this case is caused by the retention of fluid. In my case it’s primarily effecting my left hand – pretty much numb and tingly all the time – but my right does go numb at night as well.

The first thing many people may tell you when you say you are retaining water is – STOP EATING SALT!!   This couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth and I’m going to explain why…  Continue reading


Today we “met” our daughter for the first time!

It was a magical moment that will live forever in our hearts as they day we fell deeper in love with our little “bean”

She is AMAZING… if we don’t say so ourselves 🙂

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Ho, Ho, Ho & Happy New Year!

After an uncharacteristically slow month at work and a few new symptoms effecting me – low back discomfort, headaches, swelling & the beginnings of what I think may be carpal tunnel – I was very happy for the lull at work and looking forward to a relaxing holiday!

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Milestone Note – Flutters!!





Today I felt the first flutter of activity in my womb!

Blair took me out for dinner after a long day of work to our fave sushi resto downtown – Natural Sushi – and while eating a dragon roll with spicy wasabi sauce I felt a very distinct kick to the upper left quadrant!

My early X-mas present! Very kewl 🙂



We are almost 16 WEEKS into our pregnancy and we’re gearing up for a mega growth spurt!!   Baby is about the size of an avocado — about 4.5 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces — this will double in the next few weeks!! WOAH! 🙂

Calculations of Confusion?!*!?


So when I first went to my Medical Doctor I asked her why we calculate pregnancy based on a woman’s last menstrual period??!!  She just smiled and said “Yeah I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it’s done?!”

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Milestone Note – Is that a belly bump I see?

Well it’s official!!

I am showing!!

I can’t fit into my jeans (using elastic bands to hold them on with the button open in this photo) — time to go shopping!! Thankfully I wear yoga pants to work and can easily fit into them 🙂

Most tops fit okay but I am now needing to wear some maternity tops… I have removed all “too small” items from my closet and have more clothes in storage now then wearable 🙁

It’s a great feeling though and worth the fashion sacrifice… and nice to have something to show for all the crazy symptoms I’ve been experiencing!

Grow baby grow!!






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“1st Trimester”

Symptomatic Roller-coaster!

Well as I am now well into my first trimester, I feel it is time I reflect on the various symptoms I have and am experiencing.

Each woman has their own experience of pregnancy, from first to third trimester (and beyond) it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll have to deal with… as with most aspects of life… there are many possibilities!

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The Midwife Mission!

Before I even thought about being pregnant I knew when the day came I wanted to work with Midwives, and if possible I wanted to have my baby at home.

Many of my family members, friends and clients have worked with Midwives and always spoke so wonderfully about their experiences, both at home and in the hospital.

For me the idea of informed decision making, a choice of birthplace & someone providing care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first six weeks following birth is very comforting… and Blair wholeheartedly agreed 🙂

Knowing that Midwives in Ontario are in high demand I was sure to call my local chapter (Peel) right away (3days after I found out I was pregnant on October 11) … little did I know this would be the beginning of a Midwife Mission!!!

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Sharing the News & Giving Thanks!

With our great news making us giddy we started to think about the question that all couples will consider…


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When we tied the knot this summer our intentions were to start trying right away for a child… and here we are 3 months later, and after being several days “late” and exhibiting symptoms of being pregnant I decided to take a pregnancy test.


Blair was in the shower and I poked the test in and he was over the moon happy!!

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