Belly Cast

Last night we made a memory to last a life time…

I’ve done several casts for friends over the years… usually standing or sitting on a bunch of news paper for easy clean up.  We thought being in the bath or in our case shower would make it even easier… so I figured it would be a breeze!

I learned very quickly that it was a whole other experience being casted!!

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Showers of Happiness


May 15th, 2011 were showered with love and gifts for our littleBean!

Hosted by Alana’s Parents (with help from our family & friends!) at the Children’s Peace Theatre in East York.

It was a very wonderful day filled with family, friends and lots of kiddies 🙂

We felt so lucky to be amongst such a great community of people!

Here is the day in collage form – ENJOY!!

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Easter in Kingston

We enjoyed a quiet Easter weekend with the family and took some belly shots along the way… Bunny belly at Grandpa Al’s — where we enjoyed a fantastic roast beef dinner, complete with Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, asparagus, & salad… followed by the most favorite Guinness cake – YUM!!

And then took a few more on a walk at Nana-Mo’s 🙂  Where we indulged in a scrumptious lamb dinner, with mashed potatoes, rice & veg, asparagus, it was a feast for 4 as Dave was sick and he and Steph stayed home rather then share 🙁  Desert was something called death by chocolate… it’s in the picture below!

BELLY SHOTS: Early Spring — Walk by the Lake

We live in the vast suburban sprawl of Mississauga and with all it’s parks and trails and even waterfront spots — it’s fun to explore!!  Blair had never been to Port Credit so last Sunday after some shopping we decided to stop for a walk and a look at the lake & waterfront there.

Here’s a collage I made (with a cross process filter) of  the beautiful photos he captured of me and the belly bean 🙂


Meeting a Midwife Mentor

Today I joined some friends (Melissa & Erin from her workplace, Sarah H. & her friend Karen, Sahar & Hubby) and a couple hundred other excited women (and a few men) at the Victoria College at UofT to hear a great talk by our mentor Ina May Gaskin!

Ina May is the pioneer of modern midwifery in north america and an inspiration to all who come to know her.

She has written several books that document positive birth stories and the awes and wonders of the female body and our abilities to have happy healthy babies NATURALLY.

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Milestone Note – Oh my disappearing belly button!!



I consider myself to have a deep belly button… about 1.5 inches deep.

I’m aware that most women’s belly button’s “pop” during pregnancy… but not all… I was in denial up until now thinking since mine is so deep it surely wouldn’t!!

But I’m starting to notice the once cavernous depth turning into a shallow hollow… and with 3months or so left to grow…


When or will it pop I ponder!!??


I have also notice I have a skin tag down in the depths of my belly button… didn’t know that before… I guess it’s right when they say you learn so much about your body and what it’s capable of when you’re pregnant!!


I still love all the changes and feel great — so here’s to disappearing belly buttons and appearing stretch marks — somethings are just inevitable!


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