When we tied the knot this summer our intentions were to start trying right away for a child… and here we are 3 months later, and after being several days “late” and exhibiting symptoms of being pregnant I decided to take a pregnancy test.


Blair was in the shower and I poked the test in and he was over the moon happy!!

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We’re making headlines!

Yup that’s right – We’re famous!

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Lauren La Rose of THE CANADIAN PRESS who was doing a story about weddings in the digital age.

Then on Monday we had photographer Nathan Danette come and capture this gem by the lake behind our house.

How proud are we?!  Read all about it!!

CANOE – Lifewise Weddings: Wired weddings: Couples tying the knot go digital.

Photo by: Nathan Danette

Freakout… Two Digits!!

That’s right folks! As these words are being written… there are 99 days until the wedding! We’re really excited, and its all happening so fast, but it is coming together so quickly, all thanks to the wonderful support shown by such great family and friends… Thank-you!

Ever since we put a countdown on our homepage, Alana and I have been a little spooked about how quickly the most exciting point in our lives to date is coming to the present moment. We have a really good attitude towards it, however, and have used it in a running email joke between us. Take a look:

Feb 16th, from Blair to Alana:

The 2000 flushes guy - "four months!"

The 2000 flushes guy - "four months!"

March 25th, From Alana to Blair:

Later that day – from Blair to Alana:

March 26th Alana to Blair:

March 29th Alana to Blair:

Missed a few days…

Wedding Party Luncheon

We could not have chosen a more auspicious day to have a wedding party kick-off luncheon. Not only was it a gorgeous (albeit windy) day, but it was also the last day and therefore the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games. But more importantly it was the day of the legendary Gold Medal Hockey game between the most epic of rivals, Canada and the US.  Yay Team Canada!!

We are ever gracious for our wonderful host host – Don Hunter – who shared his home and put out a fantastic spread of fine cheeses, pasta salad, bocconcini and tomato salad, fresh deli sandwiches and baked Mediterranean salmon… YUM!

The wedding party got a chance to meet and mingle, share some stories and huddle about the events leading up to the wedding; bridal shower, Mayday! Honeymoon charity event on May 1st, and the ever popular bachelor party!!

For those that were able to ‘stick’ around, we watched as Canada lit the country on fire with a sudden death overtime goal that echoed as cheers and elated screaming from the balconies and rooftops in the area of Yonge & Eglinton. In that moment, whether you are a hockey, nay sports fan, or not, you didn’t need facebook, the internet or any technology to feel connected – all you needed to do was poke your head out the door and yell “WOO-HOO!” and immediately you could almost put your arms over the should of every other Canadian.

We got a lot of planning and great ideas flowing!!  Good Times!

New Pages Uploaded!

Hey Everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying this zainy winter!  We’ve been a busy bunch in the last few months: a new job for Blair; a new car for us both; a new abode.  Spring just isn’t coming fast enough for us, so we’re making our own season of renewal!

Speaking of which, check out the new pages on our website!

About us – The story of Alana and Blair (so far).

Wedding Party – Everyone who’s involved in the wedding and how they fit into the big picture.

Recipes – We’re sharing our secret family recipes with you! Care to share some of your yummy favorites?

Alana’s gone through the whole website and added pictures everywhere, for those who don’t read much (let’s be honest, we’re talking about Blair).

If anyone has special stories or video they’d like to share, please email and we’ll share it with everyone!