“2nd Trimester”

With a new year comes reflections of the past and predictions of the future…  AND new symptoms on the prego roller-coaster!

My latest and greatest is SWELLING!!

So with ankles disappearing and a general bloated feeling coming over my body… I’m thinking – HEY!  Isn’t this supposed to come later on!!??

Apparently not – 75% of women experience swelling at some point during their pregnancy – welcome to the norm 🙂

Aside from the above I’ve also got a nasty case of carpal tunnel syndrome – a common side effect of pregnancy that in this case is caused by the retention of fluid. In my case it’s primarily effecting my left hand – pretty much numb and tingly all the time – but my right does go numb at night as well.

The first thing many people may tell you when you say you are retaining water is – STOP EATING SALT!!   This couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth and I’m going to explain why…  Continue reading