Milestone Note – Is that a belly bump I see?


Well it’s official!!

I am showing!!

I can’t fit into my jeans (using elastic bands to hold them on with the button open in this photo) — time to go shopping!! Thankfully I wear yoga pants to work and can easily fit into them 🙂

Most tops fit okay but I am now needing to wear some maternity tops… I have removed all “too small” items from my closet and have more clothes in storage now then wearable 🙁

It’s a great feeling though and worth the fashion sacrifice… and nice to have something to show for all the crazy symptoms I’ve been experiencing!

Grow baby grow!!






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“1st Trimester”

Symptomatic Roller-coaster!

Well as I am now well into my first trimester, I feel it is time I reflect on the various symptoms I have and am experiencing.

Each woman has their own experience of pregnancy, from first to third trimester (and beyond) it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll have to deal with… as with most aspects of life… there are many possibilities!

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The Midwife Mission!

Before I even thought about being pregnant I knew when the day came I wanted to work with Midwives, and if possible I wanted to have my baby at home.

Many of my family members, friends and clients have worked with Midwives and always spoke so wonderfully about their experiences, both at home and in the hospital.

For me the idea of informed decision making, a choice of birthplace & someone providing care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first six weeks following birth is very comforting… and Blair wholeheartedly agreed 🙂

Knowing that Midwives in Ontario are in high demand I was sure to call my local chapter (Peel) right away (3days after I found out I was pregnant on October 11) … little did I know this would be the beginning of a Midwife Mission!!!

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