Night Train to Chiang Mai ~ Arrival – Feb-22-09

Well the sleeper was big enough to be comfortable and after the long day we had yesterday I didn’t have trouble sleeping – although I don’t think I slept well…

It was a bumpy night on the train… we were up around 7am and I bought an OJ (which was more like Tang then anything) and at 40Bht definitely not worth it (considering you can get a real fruit smoothie for 15-25Bht in most places). So lesson learned stay away from the train food and bevys – bring stuff with ya!!!

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JJ Market & Journey to Chiang Mai – Feb-21-09

Okay so I thought yesterday was a big day… Today Jacki and I went to what must be the largest market in Thailand (the size of 3 football fields) Chatuchak Market (referred to as JJ Market by the locals – not sure why)… It’s only open on the weekends and is a bargain hunter’s paradise. We checked out of the Shanti Lodge and stored our bags in the luggage locker and walked through the market and took the ferry (around 9:30) to the sky train…we took it up to Mo Chit and along with many other locals and travelers embarked on the overwhelming task of navigating the catacombs of this market.

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Holy Bangkok – Feb-20-09

Streets of Bangkok

Streets of Bangkok

What a journey so far!! I begin my day at the crack of dawn when I awoke around 5am to pee… I was so wide awake (‘cause after all it’s 5pm in my head – and I also slept for 5 hours on the plane)… I was so tired after this day I did not get a chance to write so this is a recollection of the events of my first day in Thailand a day later…

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A Farangs’ Tale… Feb-18&19-09

Farang is the Thai word for any foreigner of European descent (white)…  So here’s my tale.

It begins on February 18th, 2009 when I arrive at the Toronto International Airport at 6:30am for my 8:30am flight… the airport was a flurry of activity and as exciting as it was the following will outline the “time traveling adventure” of simply getting to Thailand…  This is unedited and the straight goods – enjoy the read! Continue reading

Thailand Here I Come!!

The Blog is ready to receive my words and my bags are packed and waiting at the front door… This girl is ready to go!!

This wonderful blog was set up by my baby – Blair!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Enjoy the reading – I’ll try and keep it interesting :o)

With Love & Light!

Thailand Adventure – Feb/Mar 2009

Well after a few hiccups the blog is up and running (thanks again Blair)  I have been keeping a daily log – and taking some videos that I will post up eventually – just have an hour before class and a half hour at lunch time right now to Blog as the guesthouse I am staying at is very basic (quiet and a 10min walk from school) and I don’t even have a plug to charge my laptop so I get 2 hours of battery life to type in the evenings and the time at school will be for chatting and posting – so if you have SKYPE and wanna chat look me up :o)

Feel free to comment – in fact I’m counting on some good home vibes from my peeps!  I miss you all… and although this place is so beautiful I wish I could teleport you all here and share these adventures with you in person… this blog will have to do :o)

With Much Love